Partnership Announcement with All-Inn-One Living Group

We are delighted to announce our partnership with All-Inn-One Living Group!
Now by presenting the dedicated discount voucher, Workcavers can enjoy a one-off $1,000 discount upon signing a tenancy contract of 9 months or above with the Group.

*Terms and conditions apply
*All-Inn-One Living Group reserves the right to the final decision in case of any disputes

For further details, CLICK HERE or contact us.

About All-Inn-One Living Group
Established in 2018, All-Inn-One Living Group is a Hong Kong-based property/living solutions provider that is more than just a landlord.
Due to land scarcity in Hong Kong, property and rental prices are amongst the highest in the world, and living standards are often compromised. All-Inn-One aims to solve this problem by providing stylish, holistic, yet affordable living spaces that are located in vibrant neighborhoods of Hong Kong.

Currently managing 120+ newly renovated apartments/properties in five locations of Hong Kong, All-Inn-One offers a wide range of accommodation from fully furnished studios to 4-bedroom apartments, available for 3 months short-term leasing or above.
All basic utilities such as electricity, gas, water and WiFi are included in the rent with no hidden costs, perfect for anyone who wants a time-saving and hassle-free living experience in the heart of Hong Kong.