Serviced Office Floor with 8 tables and chairs & bookshelves

Considering the COVID outbreak seems to be improving and the pandemic restrictions are being gradually eased, more and more companies are switching to develop a “new normal” at work – As employees are still eager to keep the WFH vibe and not to be bound by the rigid workplace culture sometimes even if they return to the traditional office’ s arms.

Our serviced office solution is the best fit for this new hybrid work model. Other than free access to the office floor, office users could get a free hot desk pass to access the nearly 1,500 sq.ft. shared space, no matter day or night.

Choose whether to stay in the office to be a deadline fighter, or simply drop by the hot desk when you want to chill out. It’s flexible enough. It’s you who are the pilot to control how to work.

Feel free to come and see how our solution works for you!

*Terms and conditions apply